Home Sweet Home for Happy Hook(ers)

I used Royal Coats; Decoupage Finish; "Beginner Set" from Panduro (swedish site).  Panduro international site here.

You need: Fabric (or paper), a tube, and decoupageglue. That´s it! :0)
Cut out the fabric. Brush a light coat of Coat on back of fabric, smooth in place. Let dry.
Brush entire surface with the Coat, let dry and clear.

Soo... my tube suggests this summers taxfreeshopping... And my taste of candy... Mmm salmiak! :0)
How easy wasn´t this project? Perfect for my crochethooks. A longer tube and you have a Home Sweet Home for your knittingneedles... Somebody may recognize the fabric... Yepp, same same as for my "Fat" Bottom Bag.

Postat av: Kim

Ny blogg :-) Och jag saknar dig! Vi måste ses snart :-) Kram! ps. Fina saker du gör hjärtat!

Postat av: Kim

Hallå - lever du fortfarande? ;-/

2008-09-29 @ 12:46:09
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