Eeehh...OSbag for my OSprojects...eeehh...

Ok Ravelrygirls, I promised! Here it is, my "eeehh... OSbag for my OSprojects...ehhh..." -pattern.

OS=Olympiska Spel=Olympic Games... :0P 

30 cm X 30 cm in my choice of yarn (Marks & Kattens Avanti) and with hook 4 mm.

Chain 60.

1st row (RS): Chain 3 (= 1 dc). *Skip 2 ch, 2 dc into next ch, 1 ch, 2 dc back into same ch as the last 2dc, skip 2 ch, 4 single dc in next 4 ch* End with 1 dc. Turn.

2nd row (WS): Chain 3 (= 1 dc). *2 dc into ch sp, ch 1, 2 dc back into same ch sp, 4 single dc into next 4 dc*

Repeat 2nd row until you are pleased with the length. I crochet my row 2; 24 times.

Edgerow: Chain 3 (= 1 dc). *5 dc into ch sp, 5 dc between dc 2 and 3*. End with 1 dc.

Make 2 pieces.

"Sew" the pieces together with sc. I sc 3 in every space at the sides. (1 extra sc in the corner) and in every sc at the bottom.

Handles is done in single crochet.

I used 7 sc. Crochet about 90 cm and fasten. *taadaa*
Sorry, didn´t had the scanner... :oP

Postat av: Felicia

Such gorgeousness!

Postat av: Julie

Wow a very pretty bag!!! <3 Thank you for sharing the pattern for it, I have queued it on ravelry!

2008-08-13 @ 13:03:37

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