Kim from Virginia makes me cry of happiness!

Today I recived a package from Virginia... What can I say...
My dear HotSockSwap-partner must be broken now! 
Thank you thank you thank you so much Kim!
I love everything! I am overflowing with gratitude! OJOJOJ! WOW!
You americans...*lol*
You make me so happy! Now I have to sit down and just enjoy.
Can´t stop smiling, the heart is jumping.
There will be more closeup-pictures sooner when my camera´s batteries is loaded again. :0)
Until then, LOOOOK:
 Part 1 Part 1...
4 magazines, 3 sockpatterns, opalyarn AND 2 skeins of Socks that Rock!!! In my favouritecolours!
23468-79 Part 2...
A wonderful little knttingbook, That sweet little keychain sockblocker with a Kim-made sock. :0)
She has also design the stitchmarkers and a friend of her made the sheep tuppers on the knittingneedles, and...more needles!
23468-80 Part 3...
Look... Smell... Tea and chocolate... Both for drinking and eating... Gosh...
23468-78 Part 4...
Cottonyarn for dishcloths and more patterns!

Postat av: Garngamen

A close-up on the sheep top of the needle, please. That sounded very neat. Verkligen! vilken kul ide. (sorry swedish there), a great idea. So much stuff at one time. The front page of Knitters looks great I think. And choclate and that little sock, how great! But more CLOSE-ups. PLEASE!

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